Online football betting trends for this season

online football betting

The football betting landscape is constantly evolving as sportsbooks adapt to increase profitability and sharp bettors search for angles. Keep up with the latest trends to maintain your edge.

More books offering alternate lines

To attract bettors and handle sharp action, more sportsbooks are now offering expanded alternate point spreads and total options beyond the standard lines. Along with -3, -7, and -10 lines, these offer -2.5, -7.5, and -10.5 point spreads. Over/Under totals are also available at some books. The biggest benefit is the ability to shop for the most advantageous line variance across multiple sportsbooks and outcomes. The gradual state-by-state legalization of sports betting has increased competition between sportsbooks dramatically. It leads to very aggressive promotional offers to attract bettors, including odds boosts, parlay insurances, deposit matches, and free bets. Savvy bettors take advantage of these promotions and gain extra units on their bankroll by selectively betting where the promos provide mathematical edges.

Sharper opening lines

Sportsbooks have gotten much better at posting efficient opening odds close to the closing line compared to past years where significant line movement often happened from open to close. It means there are fewer soft opening lines to take advantage of. You want to identify value in the opening numbers. Fun88 Top1casino betting on odds during games remains booming. Live betting capabilities are being heavily invested in by sportsbooks to serve this market segment. Expect even more live prop bets like the next score type, drive outcomes, requests challenges, etc. Know the latest live options to maximize opportunities. While player props remain immensely popular, especially for fantasy players, the sheer volume of props offered each week leads to very efficient odds that are razor-sharp. There is also a huge house edge built into the juice. It creates a “square tax” on unskilled prop bettors. Winning long-term requires selectivity and exploiting discrepancies between your projections vs. the prop odds. Most props offer no edge.

Same game parlay push

Sportsbooks heavily promote “same game parlay” bets that allow combining player props and game bets like spread, total, and player performance into a single parlay for huge potential payouts. However, these are generally sucker bets with sportsbooks winning big on the vast majority thanks to long odds juiced efficiently. Bet selectively only with significant overlay value exceeding the inherent risk. Divisional matchups between rivals who know each other well tend to feature much closer spreads than early lines suggest. These teams play each other tough consistently. Season win totals also stay lower in divisions featuring parity and balanced competition. Targeting divisional matchups and win bets provides overlay based on the dynamics of familiar opponents.

Teaser and parlay odds tweaks

Sportsbooks have adjusted teaser and parlay payouts downward this season to compensate for the high advantage bettors have achieved on these long-odds wagers. For example, a 6-point teaser may now pay -120 odds rather than +120. And 4 or 5 team parlays pay 5 to 1 rather than 6 to 1 odds. Understand the latest fair odds dynamics on these bets. More bettors are tracking their closing line value (CLV) performance to quantify profits versus the closing odds after getting the best line at open. Positive CLV means your bets are closing at more favorable odds than you wagered at. Understanding your CLV over time helps determine if your bets are beating the closing market. Market and sportsbooks’ value are revealed here.