Top 5 Most Popular Betting Sports in Singapore

Sports is considered one of Singapore’s favourite and most valued pastimes, with passionate fans always eager to witness the thrill and excitement of activities like football, basketball, and more. Additionally, the country enjoys placing wagers on many different casino games and live odds.

Singapore has merged its love for sports and gambling by introducing sportsbooks. These gambling sites allow players to place Singapore sports bets on various sporting activities, offering a comprehensive array of wagers and paying out winnings.

But what are the most popular sports to bet on in Singapore? From analysing Singapore Pools football opening odds to keeping track of Cricket scores, here are the five most popular sports in Singapore sportsbooks:

1. Football

Singapore has always been an avid football fan, recognising it as the country’s national sport. The island also boasts a prestigious football team for both men and women. Whether locally or on the international stage, Singapore adores football more than any other sport.

When you go over sportsbooks, you’ll notice that football is always the top offer. Statistics showed that around 70% of sports wagers across Singapore are placed on football. Football betting is also the most diverse as players bet on winner predictions, handicaps, and halftime/full-time.

2. Basketball

Basketball is second only to football’s immense fame. Singaporeans always look forward to betting on a fast-paced game that keeps them on edge every second. As the basketball scene grows, so does the opportunity to gamble on local and international leagues.

Basketball offers three common betting types: moneyline, totals (over/under), and point spreads bets.

3. Cricket

Cricket has recently seen a rise in interest amongst Singaporean sports enthusiasts, paving the way for it to become one of the most selected betting sports. Cricket betting has an intriguing, broad range of markets ranging from individual player performances to match results. There are plenty of ways to place wagers and win big.

4. Golf

If you are looking for a sports betting activity that requires plenty of strategizing, golf is the best game. Golf sports betting in Singapore follows both major tournaments and the weekly PGA tour, allowing you to wager on your favourite golfers.

As mentioned, golf demands more critical thinking and strategy than other sports. If you decide to gamble on this game, be prepared to have a heavy understanding of statistics, venue records, player form, and historical performance.

5. Rugby

Rugby has also started garnering the attention of passionate sports enthusiasts and gamblers in Singapore. If you are up to fierce and exciting competition, rugby is your go-to sport.

Major Rugby leagues like the Rugby World Cup and Super Rugby typically have the largest activity in sportsbooks. Like other sports, gamblers analyse team performance, head-to-head statistics, and player form to determine the best odds of winning.